Career vs. Job: Which One Do You Need?

Before you fill out that application or send your resume, you should decide whether you want to apply for a job or a career. That will make a huge difference in the way you handle yourself. First, you should know the three main differences between the two:

A Job Is Temporary

A job is only a temporary situation whereas a career is a long-term position. You should expect to be at a job for less than five years. Careers can last anywhere from five years until you retire.

A Job Should Never Be Stressful

Since a job is only a temporary means to earn pay, you should never allow it to destroy you. Never make a job your entire life. You’re there only to help yourself to pay bills. Therefore, you do not have to put your entire heart and soul into it. You are supposed to do your job well and have a sense of pride while you are doing it. However, you should not let the job take over your life. You’ll be leaving when it comes time to go after your dream job. A career is something that you can put your heart into. A career is something that you may have to sacrifice family time, school or personal adventures to keep.

A Job Is a Stepping Stone

A job could be an amazing stepping stone into something better. The career is what you get into after you get to the top of the stepping stone.

Now that you know the difference between a job and a career, you can be more mindful of your application processes. Don’t apply for any job that you can’t make it to or any job that is too stressful to you. You should succeed if you heed those warnings.

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