Out of the Ordinary yet Effective Job Hunting Tactics

If you haven’t been able to find the job you’re looking for, consider trying out these unconventional job hunting tactics. They may work even when traditional job finding methods won’t.

Network Offline

Don’t discount face to face networking opportunities. Getting to know people in the real world can lead to job opportunities you wouldn’t normally find online. Attend industry conferences, offer to work as a volunteer at charity events organized or sponsored by a company you want to work for or even chat up your neighbors. Having someone refer you to a potential employer increases your chances of getting the job you are applying for.

Use Craigslist

While Craigslist doesn’t post as many job offers as websites such as Monster or Hotjobs, the website still has a fair few job opportunities that aren’t listed on other websites. You can easily make yourself stand out from any other competing job applicants by taking the time to read the job advertisement carefully and create a detailed, customized resume showing how you can meet the company’s needs.

Expand Your Horizons

Don’t narrow your job search efforts to a single particular type of job. If you have a degree, do some online research to discover potential job opportunities open to people with your qualifications. Alternatively, you may want to assess your job experience to see how you can leverage it to get a job in a field you may not have previously considered.

Sometimes you need more than a degree and some job experience in order to find work. Consider the points outlined above if you haven’t been able to find work use them to locate and apply for hidden job opportunities. It can be difficult to think out of the box but the results are often well worth the effort.

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