Career Advice

How to Handle Conflict With Your Superior

All work conflicts are tough, but a conflict with your superior can be the worst. This may be the person who has control over your duties, your advancement and your overall level of comfort on the job. Here's how you handle a conflict with such a person...

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Job Find Local July 16, 2018

Turning Job Experience Into College Credit

Sitting in a class room is not the only way to earn credit toward your college degree. If you have already spent some time in the workforce, then you have the option, through most schools, to turn some of that experience into real college credit.

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Job Find Local May 18, 2018

Avoid These Bad Habits During a Job Interview

When you have a job interview lined up, you’re going to spend as much time as you can preparing. You’ll research the company and its employees, you’ll have practice interviews, you’ll pick out your outfit, you’ll print out your resume, you’ll go to bed early the night before, and you’ll make sure to eat well before you go.

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Job Find Local Apr 14, 2018

Can Introverts Learn How To Network?

Being an introvert can be difficult enough without throwing in a job search. Looking for a new job, by its very nature, is an extremely social experience. Individuals must put themselves out there for complete strangers to meet, judge and often times reject. You go into a job interview knowing there is a 50/50 chance of rejection.

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Job Find Local Mar 14, 2018