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Are Work Friendships Holding Your Back?

Co-workers can be some of your best friends, but also some of your worst enemies. What many people do not realize, however, is that sometimes even the best co-worker friendships can actually hold you back professionally. Here are some ways to tell if your work friendships are holding you back?

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Job Find Local November 12, 2019

The Difference Between Employees and Entrepreneurs

We hear a lot about entrepreneurs these days. If you think an entrepreneur is just a business owner, you are wrong. An entrepreneur is much more than a business owner, although they often do start businesses. An entrepreneur is someone who organizes, starts or runs a business.

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Job Find Local October 9, 2019

The Best Jobs for Single Mothers

Single mothers have a special set of circumstances that require them to have flexible jobs. They need jobs that have accommodating schedules such as weekends off and start and end times that coincide with school hours. Those circumstances might seem difficult, but such women can find them if they look. Here are examples of three such jobs that single mothers can try.

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Job Find Local September 12, 2019

How to Tell if Your Interview Went Well

When you leave an interview, you invariably wonder if it went well or not. Wouldn’t it be nice to know some signs that can tell you instantly if the interview went well – sometimes even before it’s ended? You can, with these simple telltale signs.

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Job Find Local August 8, 2019