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Are Work Friendships Holding Your Back?

Co-workers can be some of your best friends, but also some of your worst enemies. What many people do not realize, however, is that sometimes even the best co-worker friendships can actually hold you back professionally. Here are some ways to tell if your work friendships are holding you back?

Do You Break Rules For Your Friends?

Have you ever done something that would endanger your job for a friend at work? This can include things like being dishonest or covering for a friend if they are dishonest. In extreme cases, it might even include criminal activity. These are signs that your friendship is not benefiting you professionally. You should rethink this friendship. 

Does Their Drama Cut Down On Your Productivity?

Workplace drama is everywhere. You can't really escape it. But some workplace drama is more dramatic than others. If you find your daily productivity being hindered by your friend's drama, you might want to consider if this friendship is worth it. After all, you are there to work. 

Do Your Friends Discourage You From Advancing

This is one of the most damaging signs that your workplace friendships are holding you back. If you have ambitions of advancing in your career, but your friends do not, they might discourage you from taking steps that would move you closer to your goals. This could come in the form of telling you not to put in for promotions, giving you bad information concerning opportunities in other positions or even discouraging management from promoting you. 

Workplace friendships can be great when they are healthy. These warning signs, however, point toward unhealthy tendencies. It is important to evaluate your work friendships to make sure they are good for you in the long run. 

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