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Avoid These Bad Habits During a Job Interview

When you have a job interview lined up, you’re going to spend as much time as you can preparing. You’ll research the company and its employees, you’ll have practice interviews, you’ll pick out your outfit, you’ll print out your resume, you’ll go to bed early the night before, and you’ll make sure to eat well before you go.

You can get so caught up on what to do right that you may forget to watch out for bad habits that can creep in and totally derail your interview. You may be doing these subconsciously and not even know why you’re not getting hired.

Be prompt. Arrive early if you can. Avoid dressing too casually; never wear jeans, short skirts, sneakers, t-shirts, or anything with logos on it. Make sure that you’re relaxed but your posture isn’t too slumped. Always shake the hiring manager’s hand firmly before and after the interview. Keep your eyes on them during the interview but don’t stare.

Never speak negatively about your last job, even if it was a disaster. If you’re willing to talk badly about your former coworkers and boss, the hiring manger can’t trust that you won’t do the same to them and their employees in the future. Don’t be afraid to engage in some small talk, but don’t ask personal questions pertaining to the hiring manager’s age, marital status, nationality, religion, or financial information.

Don’t talk about money during the whole interview. While the topic of salary should come up, it should not be the driving focus. Make sure that you breathe and don’t monopolize the interview by talking nonstop. Don’t be too arrogant and don’t answer questions too vaguely. Be confident but don’t have an overinflated ego.

At the end of the interview, make sure that you have questions to ask the hiring manager about the company or the position. Always send a thank-you note, whether this is a physical letter or an email.

Job Find Local Apr 14, 2018