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Can a Prospective Employer Test You for Drugs on the Site?

If you're in the beginning stages of applying for a job, you might be wondering about pre-employment screening. This process usually involves a criminal background check and can also include a credit report check. Some employers may perform drug screening as well.

In fact, your prospective employer may ask you to complete a drug test at the site and immediately following your interview. Here's some information on whether that's allowable:

Can Prospective Employers Test for Drugs?

It's well within a prospective employer's rights to desire a drug-free workplace. Such businesses have the right to protect themselves from the liabilities that come from hiring workers who indulge in substance abuse. They are not breaking any employment laws by making their offers contingent upon the results of a drug test.

Can a Prospective Employer Test for Drugs During or After Your Interview?

Not all employers wish to invest in having their employees go to a lab site to undergo drug testing. These employers may choose to test their prospects at the same site that they hold the interviews. It might feel a bit uncomfortable, but it's not against any laws for the prospective employer to ask you to do that. They reserve the right to choose where you perform the test. Think of it as the opportunity to prove that you don't use drugs in a situation where no one can accuse you of cheating on the test at all. Your prospective employer will know immediately that you don't spend your time indulging in such activities, whether you're seeking employment or not.

Now you know what to expect when you apply for a new job. You can improve your chances of being hired by gathering your references and doing the best you can to lift your credit score before you apply. You can check with your state's law page or a governmental website for additional information about pre-employment testing.

Job Find Local October 11, 2021