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Finding a Job When You Have a Disability

Finding a great job is hard enough, but for people with disabilities, the challenge can feel almost impossible sometimes. If you are looking for a job and do have a disability, here a few things you should keep in mind during your job search.

Know Your Rights

As a disabled citizen you have very specific rights concerning your employment with a public employer. All employers are expected to follow these laws and provide a fair hiring process for all individuals. You should learn these laws very carefully so that you can spot when an employer is not upholding these laws. The best way to make sure you are being treated fairly is to know what the law says about the employment of disabled citizens.

Use Your Support System

If you have a good support system in place in the form of family or friends, then you should make sure they understand how important your job search is. You should also communicate clearly what type of help you may need in order to make your job search successful. Will you need a ride to interviews? Will you need help with your resume? Whatever type of help you need, don't be afraid to go to your support system for help.

Don't Give Up

Conducting a job search can be discouraging even for a person without a challenge. The people who wind up getting the job they wanted are always the ones who did not give up after a few failures. Sometimes things won't work out, but if you keep at it, eventually you will get a great job that you can be proud of.

Individuals with disabilities will have extra challenges in their job search, but with enough trying and a hopeful attitude you can land that job.

Job Find Local November 9, 2018