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How to Deal With a Temporary Layoff

The current pandemic has affected a lot of workers negatively. Some workers have been laid off due to the temporary closing of their stores or the elimination of their positions. These are some tips to help you get by if this is you. 

File for Unemployment ASAP

Unemployment benefits are available for all workers who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. Additionally, the government has a program that offers additional funds to individuals who are out of work because of COVID-19.

Search for Work-From-Home Jobs

You will be required to look for work while you are collecting unemployment. You might want to start looking for remote jobs first. Many employers are seeking people to do a variety of tasks from their homes. It might be quite easy for you to find a job that you can do from the comfort of your home while you're waiting to get recalled to your original job. Many companies are offering temporary positions that they only intend to have the workers keep during the pandemic crisis. 

Apply for All Available Benefits

You should also do some research and see what kind of additional benefits you might qualify for to help support your family. You may be eligible for food stamps, assistance with your electric bills, rental help, or something more. A lot of people are making generous donations to funds for workers who are suffering because of the pandemic. You might find a lot more benefits than you ever thought were available at this time. 

You can make it through this rough period. Take it one day at a time and be proactive in your search for work and benefits. One day, things will be back to normal, and your old employer will call you back into your old job. 

Job Find Local May 12, 2020