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How to Negotiate Working From Home

More and more people have home offices or at least work from home one or more days a week. So why are you still fighting rush hour traffic every single day to get to work? Some bosses haven’t yet tuned in to the benefits of having employees work from home. Here’s how to negotiate a work from home situation for yourself.

Negotiate the Terms

First, ask your boss for three work at home days, and settle for one. Don’t start with one or two days because that leaves you with too little negotiating room. Also, don’t argue about which days are offered. you can always renegotiate the days later on.

Outline the Benefits

Sit your boss down and let them know how they’ll benefit when you’re allowed to work at home two days a week. Here they are:

can work longer hours because of no commute fewer “bad weather – can’t come in” days less stress so you’ll be more productive less distractions from other co-workers so you can be more efficient they can use your desk on off days for other purposes if need be

Arm Yourself With Stats

Get some statistics from other companies in the same industry. If your boss thinks other businesses are doing it, he’ll be more likely to let you.

Less Use of Office Resources

When you work from home a few days a week, you won’t be using us office electricity, water, coffee, snacks, etc. It’s a small savings for your boss, but it adds up over time.

You’ll Stay Longer

Let your boss know that you’ll be happier and less likely to look elsewhere if he does this for you. Don’t threaten to quit – just mention that job happiness is important to you.

You may have to settle for one day in the middle of the week for starters. But eventually, you might be able to negotiate two days at the end of each week, which allows you to take long weekend working vacations!

Job Find Local June 11, 2019