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How to Start a Job Search While You Still Have a Job

Looking for a new job while still working has its perks and its challenges. On the bright side you are still receiving a paycheck even while looking for a job. This is a luxury not everyone has during a job search. The challenge, however, is that you are essentially putting your current job at risk simply by looking for new employment. Here are a few tips to help make your covert job search a success.

Screen Your LinkedIn profile

This is usually the first place that potential employers go to get basic information on a candidate. Before you start applying, you should take time to make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and ready for viewing. It is a good idea to turn off notifications before any updating. If you start making a lot of updates to the profile it can tip off your current employer if they are keeping tabs.

Be Quiet

There will be a huge temptation to drop hints at work about your job search. You should fight this urge. Until the new job is a sure thing, you do not want to put your current job in danger. Talking about your job search at all at work is a bad idea. This is your business. Keep it that way. Remember if you tell one coworker you have told them all.

Do Not Use Work Time or Resources for Your Job Search

This is just in bad taste. You should schedule interviews as much as possible outside of work hours. Using a lunch break is an acceptable time. Using company phones, computers or even internet service to assist in your job search should be avoided. This is your job search. You do not need your company's resources to successfully land a job.

With the right amount of discretion and common sense, you can manage a job search while employed. Being considerate and smart will help you in your efforts of finding a new job.

Job Find Local April 11, 2019