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How to Tell if Your Interview Went Well

When you leave an interview, you invariably wonder if it went well or not. Wouldn’t it be nice to know some signs that can tell you instantly if the interview went well – sometimes even before it’s ended? You can, with these simple telltale signs.

They Asked When You Can Start

If the interviewer is already set on offering you the job, the next question in their mind is how soon they can get you in there. If that’s their line of thought, they’ll ask you before you leave how soon you can start. That’s pretty much a guarantee that by the time you get home there will be an offer on your phone or in your email.

They Went Off Script

If the interviewer set aside their list of questions in the midst of the interview and started just talking with you, that means they liked you and they wanted to get to know you better as a person. Assuming there was no awkwardness after that, you’re probably a shoe-in for the job!

There Was Little Eye Contact

Did the interviewer keep their head down and hardly looked at you? Chances are they were underwhelmed, and you should probably just chalk that interview up to practice. It’s unlikely you’ll get called back.

They Walked You All The Way Out

Did the interviewer take the time to get up and walk you all the way to the front door? This is a subtle indicator that they didn’t want to say goodbye. Get ready for your job offer!

They Introduced You Around The Office

Did the interview show you around and introduce you to some people “you’d be working with”? This is a sure sign they loved you and they’ll be making you a job offer.

Now you don’t have to wait to find out whether your interview went well. Just look for these signs to know how it went!

Job Find Local August 8, 2019