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Skip College and Make Money in One of These 3 Professions Instead

Is the four-year college degree path not for you? That's okay. You will not be doomed to a life of poverty if you do not obtain a four-year college degree. There are plenty of great jobs for people without degrees. Keep reading to learn how you can skip college and still make money in these 3 professions.


Electricians enjoy an essential job, which means job security, with great salary potential. The best part is electricians do not need a four-year degree in order to be successful. Most electricians receive their training through apprenticeship programs. These are often paid training programs that allow individuals to learn a trade while earning an entry-level salary.


If you don't mind getting a little dirty, you can make a great salary in this essential career. Consider this: the average salary of a degree-holding computer programmer in the US is $63,000 yearly. The average salary of a non-degree holding plumber is $53,000 yearly. If you don't have the time or money to invest in a four-year degree, plumbers often start their career training with an on the job, paid apprenticeship.

Vehicle Mechanics

Mechanics for both small and large engines, enjoy a great amount of job security as well as a steady income. Most mechanics can learn their trade while on the job. Community colleges and trade schools also offer classes and certification programs to give you the skills you need to get started in this profession. Another bonus is that many mechanics have the option to go into business for themselves, opening up their own shops and increasing their earning potential.

The four-year college path is not for everyone. But everyone can enjoy a secure career with a steady income if they are willing to work on their skill-building and invest the time and commitment it takes to learn a trade.

Job Find Local September 14, 2020