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The Best and Worst Reasons to Quit Your Job

If you are considering quitting a current job, you should carefully consider your reasons. Jobs can be hard to find at times, so if you are going to quit it should be for a really good reason. Here are some of the best and worst reasons to quit a job.

Good Reason - Abuse of Any Kind

Abuse in the workplace comes in many forms. It can look like sexual harassment, gender harassment, abuse of power, emotional manipulation and others. If you are feeling that you are being unethically treated in some way, this is almost always a good reason to move on.

Bad Reason - People Make You Mad

People are going to make you mad everywhere. The best thing to do is learn how to handle those feelings of frustration in a constructive way. When you do this, you can continue to progress and be successful despite the people who make you mad.

Good Reason - Pay Inequalities

If you can make more money elsewhere doing the same job, it might be a good sign to move on. Some companies simply do not understand the value of a service or of an individual.

Bad Reason - You Didn't Get A Promotion

Just because you missed out on this promotion doesn't mean you won't get the next one. Companies reward patience and commitment.

Good Reason - Your Qualifications Have Increased

If you have been working hard to make yourself more of an asset through educational endeavors and training, then you are more valuable to the company. If the company refuses to acknowledge this by paying you what you are worth, then you should consider going somewhere else.

Bad Reason - Your Company is Asking For More Training

If your company is willing to train you to increase your skill set this is a good thing for you. The more skills and training you have, the more marketable you will be in the long run. They are doing you a favor.

Quitting a job is a big deal. Make sure you are quitting for a good reason.

Job Find Local July 9, 2019