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The Ultimate Checklist for Preparing for a Video Interview

You've scored a video interview and are excited to prove why you deserve the job at stake. Unfortunately, you're likely to encounter your fair share of challenges as you prepare for this big event. This checklist should help you ensure that you're 100 percent prepared.

Check Your Environment

As far as employers are concerned, your environment is just as important as your attire. Take a close look at the following concerns:

Lighting. You shouldn't look washed out, but dim lights are also problematic. Avoid back and side lighting - especially from open windows.

Clutter. The fancy decor is not needed, but your space should at least be clutter-free. This problem is easy to fix; simply move odds and ends out of the camera's view.

Distractions. Schedule a time when you can feel confident that nobody will get in the way. Close the door, hang a sign, or, if necessary, send kids, pets, and partners out of the house.

Give it a Test Run

Can you rely on your computer and webcam to cooperate when the big interview arrives? The best way to check: schedule a rehearsal interview with a friend or family member. Ask your practice interview partner to assess the following:

Does your camera provide a clear image? Invest in a high-quality webcam if you have the budget. Otherwise, test different settings to provide the sharpest, cleanest image possible.

What about audio quality? A high-quality speaker is essential. A work-oriented headset or pair of headphones may also pay dividends.

Do you understand how to navigate the interview platform? What happens if you accidentally get logged out? Be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Can your internet connection be relied on? Fix any potential issues with your router or dead spots in advance.

A little prep work can make a world of difference, so set aside some time to do your homework before your interview. You'll thank yourself when you make a strong impression and land your dream job.

Job Find Local November 10, 2020