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Three Must-Read Topics in Your Employee Handbook

The majority of employers issue their new employees' handbooks so that they'll know the current policies. These handbooks may be in the physical or online form. It's imperative that you read through the handbook so that you'll know the ins and outs of what your new employer expects from you. These are three sections that you need to check out sooner than later:

Causes for Immediate Termination

There should be a section in the handbook that tells you the various incidents for which the employer might terminate you right away. Examples are workplace intoxication, violence, and working off the clock. Go through the list so that you never make a mistake and do something that has immediate dismissal as a consequence.

Fraternization Policies

You should read the fraternization policies to know what kind of relationships you can form on the job. Some employers do not want employees making friends with each other, and they don't want romantic relationships on the job either. Employers who prohibit these relationships may terminate their employees for getting involved in them. Other employers have a more relaxed view of personal relationships. You won't know which mindset your new employer has until you do some reading.

Code of Conduct

The code of conduct will give you a straightforward explanation of how you should handle yourself while you're on the employer's clock. It's not part of the manual that you should miss. If you read it, you'll be less likely to err in judgment or action while you're at work. Your job security will increase if you keep yourself knowledgeable.

The above-mentioned sections are only the first sections you should read. Ideally, you should take the time to go through the entire book so that you know every rule the company has regarding your workplace conduct. It could be the key to continuing long-term employment with that employer.

Job Find Local January 11, 2021