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Time Management Tools for New Work at Home Employees

Working from home can be challenging even in the best of circumstances. If you are finding yourself constantly being distracted or losing track of time, here are a few time management tools that can help you stay on track. 

Rescue Time

This app uses the most basic tactic to keep you productive; reduce distractions. One of the biggest challenges to working at home is that you are working on the internet, and the internet itself is the biggest distraction literally in the history of mankind. So, Rescue Time solves this problem by blocking any and all distracting websites while you are working. You can set the app to operate during your work hours, to make sure you are not notified of anything non-work related. You can't access distracting platforms like social media or YouTube during your work hours. It's like having your mom downloaded into your computer to keep you on task. 

Remember the Milk

This is another great app that focuses on another aspect of distraction; forgetting what you need to do. Remember the Milk is a task management app that can be synced to all of your devices. Once installed and personalized for you, Remember the Milk will give you handy reminders concerning all of your important tasks. 


Another enemy of productivity is old-fashioned bad habits. Our own habits can be terrible time snatchers. The Loop App helps you establish new habits by tracking your progress. This app can be completely customizable to you and your personal goals. Specific goals that can greatly affect your productivity include going to bed on time, getting up on time, and setting predictable work hours. 

If you feel like you lack productivity while at home, consider using these tools to get you back on track today. 

Job Find Local April 21, 2020