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What to do When You're Turned Down For a Promotion

If you have worked hard and tried to be a valuable team player for your company, you may feel you deserve a promotion. But sometimes employees are denied promotion for one reason or another. If you’ve recently been turned down for a promotion, don’t worry. There are still paths you can take that will lead to career success.

Don’t Be Resentful

Your supervisor should give you reasons why you weren’t offered the promotion. Listen carefully to the feedback without being resentful. Don’t take the critique personally, and don’t “secretly plot revenge.” Your boss is just doing their job as you should.

Make a Plan

Ask your supervisor to put their notes in writing if they haven’t already. Use those notes to make a plan to improve your job performance. This plan is not only going to help you get better; it will also serve as your blueprint for the next time you ask for a promotion.

Ask For a Raise

If your supervisor couldn’t promote you, they may still be willing to offer you a raise. A cost of living increase is better than your company having to hire and train a new person. Also, you might want to infer that if you get a small increase in pay you won’t be tempted to look elsewhere since you didn’t get the promotion you asked for.

Use it as a Learning Experience

It’s hard to ask for a promotion and you probably had to work up the nerve to do so. Is there anything you can learn from the experience that will help you next time? Could you have been better prepared, or asked at a better time? Think about these things so you have better chances in the future.

Being turned down for a promotion isn’t always a judgment on your abilities. Look at it like a small obstacle that you can overcome.

Job Find Local February 9, 2021